New website launched has been revamped. The most eye-catching aspects of the revamp are the updated look and new navigation functions. Our aim was to make the site easier to navigate, and we have made it as intuitive as possible on all platforms. The “hamburger menu”, a familiar feature on many mobile websites, has been integrated into the navigation functions on the Carsport website, both for mobile devices and on the desktop. The menu is in the top-left corner, and it provides direct access to the desired car model or a list of the cars in stock.

We have also updated the home page to include more highlights of content from around our site to ensure that all of the most important information and links are immediately accessible. Our website includes the electronic version of Ajossa magazine, which was revamped in the spring. The magazine’s navigation and appearance are consistent with the style and operating method on the website. On the technical side, we have transferred the website to a new platform with the aim of making the pages quicker.

How did we do? We would like hear your opinions about the revamp. Contact Elina with your feedback – positive and negative – and help us to improve the website so it meets your needs. elina.jonasson(a)