The most popular accessible taxi in Finland

With more than 500 vehicles delivered, Volkswagen Caddy Carsport is the most popular accessible taxi on the market. The state-of-the-art equipment is easy to use.

The new Volkswagen Caddy XXL Carsport’s features are second to none: the largest space for a wheelchair (860×1490 mm), the shallowest and widest ramp, the highest headroom, a level floor, adjustable lights and a new type of seat belts in the front. Special shock absorbers with air springs ensure a smooth drive.
The Caddy accessible taxi with low floor can be delivered either with a tailgate or with double doors. The middle part of the rear bumper either bends down or lifts up with the tailgate.

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Carsport seats are praised for their ergonomic qualities and the fact that they are easy to use and silent.