A spacious passenger compartment to meet all demands

Volkswagen Crafter Carsport’s spacious passenger compartment can be adjusted quickly, which makes the vehicle ideal for wheelchair accessible taxi or minibus conversions. The shorter model (wheelbase 3665 mm) can seat a maximum of 13 passengers and the longer model (wheelbase 4325 mm) up to 1+22.

Volkswagen Crafter can be delivered completely customised by Carsport, or as a more affordable Kombi model with factory-fitted wall and ceiling upholstery. Volkswagen Crafter comes with ready-made seating plans but the plan can also be customised to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Please note that a wheelchair accessible minibus must be equipped with a lift before it is registered. Please see our brochure for more details about the trim options.

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Carsport seats are praised for their ergonomic qualities and the fact that they are easy to use and silent.